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August 26, 2014


Since our wedding date is over a year out, there’s plenty of time for planning. A fair amount of details I’m flexible with and others I feel firmly with incorporating. For example, having a floral covered arbor that’s all our own! The owner of our venue has several rod iron frames that are up for grabs and there was one with chipping white paint that I especially liked. I didn’t think I was that gal that would buy wedding magazines and follow wedding sites on Instagram but here I am, buying and following! One of my favorite sites, that has an equally good IG account is Style Me Pretty.  I went far back on their thread to find my favorite arch inspirations —
I like the idea of adding fabric, gives movement.
Imagine strung flowers instead of paper swans, that’s what I’m thinking! Fan of using magnolia leaves, it’s a Southern staple.
Theme so far is white flowers with greenery, but if you see below, I also wouldn’t mind a pop of color.
Couple different options, one is to just decorate the corners or the other is go all the way around–that’s to be decided!

Like I mentioned there’s a good bit of time and as fast as my style changes, who knows I may want something different, but I doubt it, these rule!
All photos via Instagram/@SMPweddings

August 15, 2014


This time last week Dustin and I were planning to hit the gym after we finished our work day but then decided a sunset picnic at Piedmont Park sounded better! In order to make it somewhat exercise we opted to ride our bikes to Wholefoods for the groceries and then take the Beltline to the park. We picked up wine, cheese, chicken salad, fruit and tabouli salad. On the way we stopped at this in-progress mural that Hense is working on, it’s changed a little bit since then but still the same concept. Found this sweet little leaf that was given a makeover during the process —
Wearing — Anthropologie top, Citizen jeans, Birkenstocks, TOMS shades

We set up the picnic at a dock on the pond. We didn’t know that shortly after assembling everything we’d be ambushed by ducks but they ended up leaving us alone.  That was until these two Turkish women brought bags of old bread and started feeding them, then it was a frenzy! Even a catfish and turtle showed up to get in on the crumbs, that was pretty darn cute!

Cheers! Does this look inconspicuous since it’s in a coffee cup?!

After finishing dinner and enjoying the sunset we hopped back on the bikes and headed home. I just love the convenience of my current location to everything and being able to travel on bikes!

Have a great weekend!

August 12, 2014


On Sunday, Dustin, mom and I set out to visit our top three wedding venue picks. The first was Vinewoods Plantation in Newnan, GA, second was Sweet Meadows Farm in Talapoosa, GA and third was The Farm in Rome, GA. Let me explain how we came to choose Georgia for our wedding destination in the first place–

Since I grew up all over the US and don’t have a traditional hometown Atlanta has become my home base city. I consider Tuscaloosa, Alabama to my stand-in hometown since I went there for college and my parents moved there in 2008. Dustin and I have family in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida and wanted to have the location somewhere in the middle. Being a city dweller I went back and forth on an urban-industrial wedding versus a farm wedding. In the end the venues we were most attracted to ended up being farms with lots of land.

After narrowing down the venues, next it was the fun part! The first Vinewoods was my top choice from the beginning. It’s got a beautiful plantation home and a barn. I was thrilled for the visit and left thinking “this is it.” That was until we visited Sweet Meadows farm. It’s not as plastered all over the web as Vinewoods so I didn’t really know what to expect as far as inside the barn and the various site options. I won’t even go into detail about the third visit because between the long drive there, basically having our minds made up and the terrible tour guide-it’s not worth talking about. If you want a more detailed opinion on each of these venues for your wedding, email me and we can talk!

In regards to documenting the visits, I actually brought my camera along but got caught up with questioning and answering so I ended up snapping very little. Here are photos from Sweet Meadows webpage to give you an idea as to why this decision, for me, was a no brainer:

Sweet_Meadow_Farm_Mountain_ViewsTOC IMG_1645bridal-suite 745FallTOCB 711FallWideopenfields
These are all things that were important to us and this venue nails them all! Not pictured is a rustic grooms suite with a gun safe, deer head and other super manly decor 😉  Also the home in itself is pretty cool with a connected green house, vintage family photos and decorated with rustic Southern vibes (owner has great taste!)

A little about the family of Sweet Meadows Farm–
Melanie, the owner and wedding coordinator, has been living on the land for 31 years with her husband and three boys. Prior to farm life her and her husband both had very different lives working for Delta until they retired and went into the beef cattle industry. Melanie started Celebrate! Wedding and Events in 2011 doing offsite events and is now concentrating on weddings and socials on her land. She’s currently expanding the barn and renovating a few other structures on site. She’s basically a Southern Martha Stewart who can decorate, garden and DIY just about anything!

Dustin, Mom and I are so excited for not only finding the perfect venue for us but also nailing down a date! We will be getting hitched on November 7th, 2015!  Never did I ever think I’d be getting married in November but the idea of cool temperatures and Fall foliage, I’m so down!  Feeling blessed and excited. Lets get this party started!